About Me

Marcy Zitz has a passion for photography and technical skills.

I am currently a graduate student at SUNY IT in the Information Design and Technology master's program. I have a BS from Empire State College in Business, Management, and Economics with a concentration in Information Technology. I have an AAS from Columbia-Greene Community in Information Technology. While at Columbia-Greene, I got happily side-tracked in the Art building where I took photography and several other art classes. I went ahead with my plan to obtain a technology degree but I continued enjoying photography and other art. When I completed my bachelor's degree, I found a graduate program that would combine all my passions - Information Design and Technology.

I have been creating websites and providing content for websites since 1998. Part of the content was a large desktop wallpaper collection for About.com where people could download images to use as their desktop wallpaper. Several images were licensed for other purposes such as backdrops for music concerts and other presentations. One of my NYC cityscapes was attempted to be used on Extreme Makeover Home Improvement Edition as a wallpaper but unfortunately it was only scanned 35mm film so it was not large enough for the project.

My masters portfolio: IDT Portfolio
More images at my Desktop Wallpaper Collection
I take pictures of sporting events for the participants: Red Hook Raiders Football. Some of these images have appeared in local newspapers and websites.

A complete resume is available upon request.

I use Nikon equipment almost exclusively. My grandfather gave me my first Nikon (a 1969 FTN) and I have stuck with this brand of equipment ever since. I have several different film bodies and digital bodies.